Kilimanjaro Trek

Hello, I am Nickie and I work in the Finance Department at Ereconomic Construction Ltd – in September this year I am turning the BIG 50 and wanted to spend the whole year working on ticking off things on my Bucket List.

I have got several shows, weekend breaks and events booked so far – and wanted to end 2019 on a high….

And after many hours of research and pondering - my partner Richard and myself have decided that we would end the year on a high - 5895 metres high at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. We travel to Tanzania on December 26th 2019 and begin our climb on the 27th reaching the summit on News Year Day 2020.

This will be an amazing end to a fantastic 2019 – it will challenge us both and enable us to raise money for our chosen charities We are funding the trip ourselves so every penny raised will be going to our chosen charities.

I am raising funds for Kemp Hospice this is my local hospice that helped myself and my family when we lost our beloved mom to cancer in 2004.